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Thanks for making high quality, natural products that work!

Hey there!

I just wanted to write and give you some positive feedback on your products! I

I first found your honey orange moisturizer a few years back and LOVED the smell, it’s still one of my favorite moisturizers.

I also picked up a deodorant from Theresa and Heather’s Country Store, in West Porters Lake / Seaforth. It’s probably the only natural deodorant I’ve ever used that has really worked, and for a really long time! I used it the whole 4 months I was in Southeast Asia last year, in +30 degree weather, and I never had a trace of BO. Smelled like cookies, actually ? I was using the Sensual Amber scent. I just ran out and picked up the Outdoor Fresh scent. I love that both scents are fairly unisex, and not overpowering – but I would REALLY love to have one of your deodorants in the Lilac or Almond scent, or any other floral/lighter/sweeter scent!

I also just wanted to say thanks for branching out into shampoos as well. I have been trying to find a natural SLS-free shampoo for quite some time now, and I was elated to see that you are now making one, as I have loved your other products and am always happy to support local producers. I just picked up a bottle and maybe will write back with some feedback after I get some use out of it! ?

Thanks for making high quality, natural products that work!

Jo. F

This deodorant is amazing

This deodorant is amazing. It works for longer than commercial deodorant, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. I also like that it’s easy to apply. I will use this for as long as it’s available to buy!

Tess. L

Thanks NNS

feel blessed to have found Goat Milk Foot and Body Butter several years ago and wouldn’t be without it, especially on really hot days in the Summer and blistery days in the Winter. I have moderate psoriasis – it used to be severe! – for over 50 years now. Needless to say I’ve tried many different creams and treatments during that time. Nothing else has worked anywhere near how NNS Goat Milk Foot and Body Butter has for me. It helps keep healthy skin healthy, softens rough spots and I’d not hesitate to add that although it doesn’t “cure” me it does help “heal” me: it helps me feel I can use something other than “medicated” creams and lotions to take care of my skin. Don’t we all need to feel we’re worth a treat – and not just a treatment! – once-in-a-while? Anyone with a chronic skin condition will know what I mean.

Thanks NNS, for bringing us the best in quality skin products. Mother Nature never felt so good!

Ottawa, ON

Women's Show in Ottawa

Good Day Ladies! We met at the Women’s Show in Ottawa in April and I final got to try the sample of Shampoo and Conditioner. All I can say is wow! I absolutely love it. I purchased the Honey Orange Hand and Body cream and the body scrub (I mentioned I had eczema) from the sun and it’s all gone! I am in love with your products and am telling all my friends. It was so lovely to meet you and hope to see you at future show.

Your Repair Stick

My buddy and I work in a bakery. Flour and water all the time dries the tops our hands badly, especially in winter. So we use your skin repair stick because it sticks to our skin and doesn’t wash off as easily as lotion due to us always having to rinse. It keeps our hands nice and pain free and crack free from the extreme dry conditions. We always ask each other…do you have your stick with when we forget ours? Its a must to carry in our purse. Its been a hand saver for us. Thanks for an amazing product.

Kathy. W

Thank you for your dedication

I use to be the person that tried every new product I saw advertised and believed the claims that the products I was using were good for my skin. Thankfully I was introduced to your products and discovered what great feeling skin actually feels like. Before NNS my bathroom contained mountains of products each claiming to work on a different problem and oh the money I misguidedly spent chasing the TV version of beautiful skin. Your wonderful products have simplified my skincare and save me, without exaggeration hundreds of dollars a year. Thank you for your dedication to making the wonderful products that I now use exclusively.


Thank You for a truly great product!

Although I have inherited really good skin from my mother (thanks mom) I also inherited her very sensitive skin as well. Until I found your products I had been on a quest for a very long time looking for pure facial care that would not upset my skin. I had just about given up! Your Goats Milk formula feels wonderful on the skin. The cream is amazing too! (love that it contains Niacin). Honestly, my skin has never looked better. This is saying a lot since I’m not easily impressed as most skincare I’ve tried have ultimately fallen short of their promises.  Thank You for a truly great product! -Yvonne